Monday, February 25, 2013

Individual Expertise to Peer Based Collaboration

This documentary is not about adult learning, it's about future adult learner's. The video found on this link touches on some of the concepts that have been discussed in this course and the PID as a whole. Mainly creativity, and collaboration.
The documentary covers five stories about using digital media in the classroom.
They quote John Dewey in the film. "If we teach today's student's the way we taught them yesterday we rob them of tomorrow."
Another quote that I enjoyed was; "Literacy has always been defined by technology, before the printing press being able to recite something orally meant you were literate. As technology becomes cheaper we have to ask; is someone literate if they cannot critique media or able to take media in?"
Story #1 is about Quest to learn a school that has students create game to learn (among other things). The video game concept aligns with our book. Something interesting was said in this video. Paraphrased " Games don't allow you to the next level until you master it or have learned to master it. This eliminates the need for assessment. Learning systems so rich that they assess themselves. No need to waste time assessing, only spend time learning". Amen?
If this has peaked your interest watch the video the other 4 stories are:
  • Digital Youth Network (Chicago)
  • Smithsonian Scavenger Hunt
  • Middleton WI Place based learning
  • Science Learning Academy (Philly)
Another thing that was interesting was the student to mentor program at Digital Youth Network. Twelfth grader's with their own class creating their own curriculum. 
Too much to talk about here. If you have an hour to kill watch the video. My eyes have been opened and if this is the future of learning the future is now.

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